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Do you have a auto glass window or windshield that requires repair or replacement? Finding the best auto glass repair service provider can be a challenge. With many sketchy shops and sketchier so-called mobile repair businesses, it can be hard to find the service you trust. Being a reputable and leading auto glass repair and replacement service provider, we pride ourselves on providing an industry-leading service, as such, here we will share some factors about what to look for in an auto glass repair company. These traits should be kept in mind during your search for auto glass repair or replacement services.

1. Technicians Have Industry-Standard Certification

Do you know that auto glass repair and replacement technicians don’t need to hold certifications? Many technicians, thus, aren’t certified, which implies they haven’t finished an industry-standard comprehensive training program. When you search for a new auto glass repair shop, always choose the shop that has certified technicians like ours. The last thing you need is a careless repair or poor glass installation that puts you and your car at risk.

Our technicians possess the Auto Glass Safety Council and the National Glass Association certification. Our AGSC and NGA certification means you can count on us for a repair or replacement of auto glass.

2. They Take Care of your Deadline

A reputable and reliable auto glass repair service provider should do the best to meet your needs — after all, their revenue relies on their service. To help meet your schedule, a reputable company must offer mobile repairs. While this is not essentially a must-have, it can be easy if you have a crazy agenda and can’t wait for in-person at the repair shop.

If the service provider does not have mobile service, they should provide at least flexible scheduling to meet your requirements. A professional auto glass repair shop that cares about their customers do everything possible to serve them in the best way possible. Being an industry-experienced auto glass repair service provider, our key goal is to achieve customer satisfaction. To achieve this goal, we offer both a mobile repair team as well as skilled on-shop technicians.  Whenever you need us, we’ll come to you.

3. They Can Deal with Your Insurance

Everyone understands that dealing with insurance is often a major headache. When you need the auto glass repair or replacement, usually, your insurance covers the losses of the repair expense. However, trying to go through all these details on your own is tedious, even annoying. Selecting an auto glass company like us that works directly with your insurance agents can save you huge time and will help confirm that you get the coverage you deserve.

Being in the auto glass repair industry for years, we’re very familiar with the auto insurance processes and can work extensively with your insurance company. We even provide continuing education classes to their agents and staff. We’re devoted to making sure your experience with us is as smooth as possible, from your early call, right up until you drive away as a satisfied customer. Call us now for your auto glass repair and replacement needs.

Seeing a broken window in your car isn’t just intimidating; it’s flat out inconvenient, frustrating, and for some people, stress-inducing. Being an experienced auto glass repair and replacement service provider, we know that handling a broken vehicle window can be puzzling and overwhelming—but don’t fear! We are sharing here what you should do to securely and calmly handle the situation. Keep this quick guide in mind should you or a loved one ever see shattered auto glass in your car.

1. Contact Police and Your Insurance Company

If you can see that someone has broken into your car, don’t touch or change anything until you call law enforcement and they’ve recorded the scene. Whether the local police would travel to the site or ask you to communicate information over the phone is based on each agency’s policies, therefore, the first call should be made to the local police station.

If you must explain the situation via telephone, don’t forget to take some photos of the site with your cell phone to give to your insurance company as proof of the incident. After you’re done with conversing with the law enforcement, contact your insurance provider for a claim filing.

2. Safely Eliminate Broken Glass

If your car is parked in a parking lot, make sure to inform someone inside the nearby building who can clean up the broken glass from the pavement. You would also need to cautiously remove any broken glass from the car’s interior surfaces so that you can securely drive home or to the auto glass repair shop. If you have the choice, your safest and best bet is to contact a reliable mobile auto glass repair company, like us, who can cater to you at the site and take care of the broken window.

Once you reach home, remove residues, if any, of the glass shards using a high-powered vacuum from the interior of the vehicle. If you are taking your car for auto glass replacement or repair, we would likely vacuum it again, so no need to worry about missing pieces here and there—if they don’t affect your safety, of course!

3. Protect Your Window Opening

If you are unable to get your auto glass repaired or replaced instantly, it is recommended to cover the window opening to shield yourself while driving. Here’s how you can do it properly:

  • Wear strong work gloves to defend your hands from glass shards
  • Gently remove any glass shards still attached to a window frame.
  • Use your vacuum cleaner to eliminate any stray glass pieces from the window frame and inside the window seal.
  • Clean the window with a damp cloth. Make sure you removed all dirt and dust, so you can firmly attach a plastic window covering using tape.
  • Then cover window from the inside, with a transparent or glowing piece of plastic. Make sure to stretch the plastic taught before locking the plastic to the window with several long pieces of masking tape. Don’t use other tape kinds since the adhesive may damage your car’s paint.
  • Add another layer of plastic to a window’s exterior, if required.

Keep in mind that using plastic to cover the window is only a short-term solution. You must never drive with plastic on the window for longer than a day or two as it’s a safety hazard and may prevent you from watching the traffic around you.

Contact us for immediate window and auto glass repair service.

In this article we will answer one of the most frequently asked questions by drivers in regards to auto glass and windshield repairs and replacements. Is there any difference between a mobile auto glass repair and an in-house auto glass repair in terms of service?

Well, when you’re always on the go, convenience is one of the priorities when looking for auto glass repair services. After all, a busy person doesn’t have the time to sit in a auto glass repair center and wait around for hours for their repair or replacement to be completed.  Being an experienced and reliable auto glass service provider, Best Deal Auto Glass knows that your life is busy, but we also know that it’s unsafe to keep driving with damaged auto glass windshields. That’s why the mobile auto glass repair services are there to make your life easier.

If you’ve thought of hiring a mobile auto glass repair team but have doubts about the quality of the service, this article will present you with some helpful details when making your decision. Below, we have discussed what you can expect from a mobile auto glass repair and then you can easily determine if this service fulfills your needs.

The Services Offered by a Mobile Auto Glass Repair Team

Usually, if a business offers both mobile and in-house auto glass repair, the services provided should be comparatively the same. That said, some businesses prefer to do auto glass replacements (new installations) in-house because the atmosphere is more controlled. If you just want to have a minor rock chip repair, you will easily find a service provider that will come visit you at your location and do the repair on site.

When Should You Consider a Mobile Auto Glass Repair?

In most of the cases, mobile auto glass repair is a nice and convenient choice if your windshield or other windows get minor to moderate damage. If, though, you’re faced with more extensive cracking or pitting, you might need to schedule an appointment with the shop. Installing the new auto glass necessitates a low-humidity, controlled, and debris-free environment. You simply cannot get the same in your driveway or outdoors at your home or office location.

Is Your Mobile Auto Glass Repair Legit?

When scoping out the mobile auto repair companies, always figure out if they carry the essential licensing, insurance, and bonding. It’s also important to know if their auto glass repair specialists have acquired any kind of industry-standard certifications that show their extensive training on relevant techniques.

An auto glass service provider like Best Deal Auto Glass that takes the time to assure its customers a high-quality result, with certifications and licensing, is almost always a safe bet. If you want to work with a reliable and high-quality team, we are the only way to go! Contact us today!