Key Causes of Auto Glass Damage & Ways to Avoid Them

Auto glass repairs can be a real hassle, particularly if you’re always on the go and don’t have enough time to wait for hours at the auto glass and windshield repair shop.  Even when you can get a convenient mobile repair service, like what we offer at Best Deal Auto Glass, you still must save a chunk of your day to wait for auto repairs. You also must schedule a meeting with your insurance company, and perhaps even a rental car arrangement if the damage is quite severe. It makes a never-ending to-do list for you, and that is very frustrating. This article shares the key causes of auto glass damages and the ways to avoid them so you can be sure to stay out of the shop.

Reason #1: Accidents

Do you reside in an area having lots of outdoor space for children to play? Do you have kids who are into sports like soccer or baseball? Auto glass damage is often the result of hovering objects (often sports equipment and toys) colliding with windows and windshields. To avoid such accidents, make sure your vehicle is parked at a safe distance away from such outdoor and sporting areas. If you reside in a kid-friendly neighborhood, the best bet is to utilize garage parking.

Reason #2: Being Too Close

Driving too closely behind another vehicle poses a greater risk of auto glass damage since vehicle tires can simply kick up road debris. When you’re driving at high speeds, if another driver’s tire picks up a tiny rock and flings it at your windshield, there’s nothing much you can do to avoid the consequential damage. Hence, the three-second rule should be followed. When you leave three seconds, at least, between the front of your vehicle and the rear of a vehicle in front of you, you get enough time to avoid flying debris or objects. Most significantly, you have sufficient time to avoid a crash if the other driver abruptly slams on the brakes.

Reason #3: Parking Outdoors

Do you have a parking garage and you use it as storage rather than a parking area? Whether you’re enforced to park outdoors or do it since your garage is full of items, you put your auto glass at a substantial risk of damage by not parking inside a garage. This is because your vehicle is faced with the following:

  • Sunlight

Heat causes the external edges of your windshield to expand at a quicker rate than the inner area of the glass. If the heat is intense, the glass might even crack. To avoid the auto glass repair or replacement, it is advised to park your vehicle in the shaded areas.

  • Falling debris

Branches, leaves, dust, sticks, and other environmental debris can easily fall on auto glass if you park your car under trees. While parking under the tree’s shade is a smart idea, it is better to park under a covered structure, like a vehicle tent, parking garage, or carport to avoid auto glass damage.

  • Hail

Storm conditions may wreak chaos on your auto glass, so if the weather report forecasts hail, park your vehicle under a covered spot.

  • Temperature changes

High-temperature shifts let your auto glass expand and contract fast. Just like ice cubes crack upon exposure to room-temperature water, the auto glass reacts in the same manner. If you park your vehicle outdoors in freezing weather conditions, don’t forget to warm your vehicle up gradually to avoid cracks and auto glass repair.

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If your auto glass has just incurred damage in the form of a crack or splinter, you might be wondering how much it is going to cost you to get the repair completed. Can a quick repair resolve it without having to replace the whole windshield? Or do you need a more expensive auto glass replacement in which the entire windshield is replaced? The only way to deal with these questions is by doing an in-person assessment of the damage. There are certain situations when repairs are just out of the question based on an analysis of the damage.

In this post, we will share useful details that give you a better idea of whether to go for an auto glass repair or replacement. These are the factors to consider when determining whether to replace or repair my auto glass and/or windshield.

Factors to Consider for Auto Glass Repairs

If you have damaged auto glass, the determination of whether you can go for a quick repair is based on three factors:

  1. Size
  2. Location
  3. Depth of the Damage

These factors usually only apply to windshield damage since windshields are made of laminated glass.

If there is damage to the rear window or passenger windows, you’ll almost always require an auto glass replacement as those windows do not have the same additional layers of protective lamination that the windshield features.

When Should You Go for Auto Glass Repair?

Below are the few situations when auto glass repair is the solution to fix the damage instead of an auto glass replacement. However, this is not at all a definitive list. The only true way to make this determination is to take your vehicle to a reliable auto glass company like Best Deal Auto Glass for an accurate evaluation and estimate. Repairs might work when:

  • The glass has a chip lesser than the size of a quarter
  • There is a crack lesser than three inches long.
  • The damage has not infused both layers of the glass (windshields cases).
  • The damage does not spread across the outer edge of the glass (windshields cases).

It’s also important to keep in mind that windshield and other types of auto glass repair have come a long way in current years. In certain cases, repairs can now work even for more extensive damage.

When Should You Go for Auto Glass Replacement?

When your auto glass has severe damage (crushed glass for instance), you’ll surely require an auto glass replacement. Beyond the apparent situations, though, auto glass replacement is also essential when:

  • Your rear windshield is damaged
  • Your side windows have got cracks or chips
  • Cracks are more than a few inches.
  • Your auto glass has to pit.
  • The damage affects the structural integrity of the glass.

In case of replacement, it is advised to consult with a reputable and experienced auto glass company for your windshield replacement services. If your insurance policy covers your auto glass coverage, your agent may also give you additional details and be able to provide cash back incentives.

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Keeping your auto glass and windshield clean is vital for your safety. You must ensure that you have a clear view of the road while driving to avoid any distractions or accidents. This is possible if you keep your auto glass clean and take the right steps to clean your auto glass.

Here we present some of the most common mistakes most people make while cleaning their auto glass that should be avoided.

Do Not Clean the Glass When It is Dry

Wiping glass with a cloth when the glass is dry is a disaster. You cannot see the tiny dust particles accumulated on dry glass and they leave scratches on the glass surface upon cleaning. With time, these scratches deteriorate the glass and make it susceptible to further damage like cracking or splintering. When cleaning, always use a damp or wet cloth soaked in an ammonia-free glass cleaning solution.

Avoid Regular Soap

Your auto glass has a special coating on the surface. Do to this coating, using regular soap can significantly damage that coating. Always check the cleaners to ensure they have the right formula for cleaning the auto glass and to avoid further damage to your windshield or windows. Using high-quality glass cleaners keeps your glass in the appropriate shape for years to come.

Avoid Dry Cloths and Paper Towels

Rough surfaces on dry cloths and paper towels can make scratches on the surface of the glass even when these items are wet. Tissues have lotions and can leave fibers and lint on the glass as well. A dry cloth also makes scratches. So, always use microfiber towels or clothes for cleaning your auto glass and windshield.

Use an Auto Glass Cleaner

An ordinary household glass cleaner doesn’t have the right formula for cleaning auto glass. Tint in auto glass breaks down with time due to ammonia that regular household glass cleaners contain. Ammonia is a strong cleaner that damages anything it comes into contact with. Regular household glass cleaners also lead to streaking on the auto glass. Auto glass cleaners are free from ammonia and have the correct formulation to break down insect remains and road grime.

Fogged Windows Are Not Essentially Dirty

It is not wise to wipe down your fogged windows. Rather, use the defroster/defogger function in the car in order to clear up the window. When you wipe the fogged windows or windshield, you oftentimes do not use the right cleaning cloth. Even using your hands for this purpose can leave oils on the auto glass and this makes for a much bigger mess. You can damage or scratch your windows by using improper cleaning methods.

Avoiding Common Cleaning Mistakes Will Preserve your Auto Glass Value

To keep your auto glass performing well, you must avoid these mistakes when cleaning your glass. By not cleaning the glass when it is dry, you can avoid scratching or damaging it.  Don’t use paper products, household soap, and cleaners to further protect your glass from scratches.

By using a cleaner specifically formulated for auto glass care, you are optimally cleaning your auto glass. Avoid touching your windows when fogged and let the defroster/defogger do its job. All these tips will help you protect your auto glass and know the common mistakes to avoid when cleaning auto glass.

In this article we will answer one of the most frequently asked questions by drivers in regards to auto glass and windshield repairs and replacements. Is there any difference between a mobile auto glass repair and an in-house auto glass repair in terms of service?

Well, when you’re always on the go, convenience is one of the priorities when looking for auto glass repair services. After all, a busy person doesn’t have the time to sit in a auto glass repair center and wait around for hours for their repair or replacement to be completed.  Being an experienced and reliable auto glass service provider, Best Deal Auto Glass knows that your life is busy, but we also know that it’s unsafe to keep driving with damaged auto glass windshields. That’s why the mobile auto glass repair services are there to make your life easier.

If you’ve thought of hiring a mobile auto glass repair team but have doubts about the quality of the service, this article will present you with some helpful details when making your decision. Below, we have discussed what you can expect from a mobile auto glass repair and then you can easily determine if this service fulfills your needs.

The Services Offered by a Mobile Auto Glass Repair Team

Usually, if a business offers both mobile and in-house auto glass repair, the services provided should be comparatively the same. That said, some businesses prefer to do auto glass replacements (new installations) in-house because the atmosphere is more controlled. If you just want to have a minor rock chip repair, you will easily find a service provider that will come visit you at your location and do the repair on site.

When Should You Consider a Mobile Auto Glass Repair?

In most of the cases, mobile auto glass repair is a nice and convenient choice if your windshield or other windows get minor to moderate damage. If, though, you’re faced with more extensive cracking or pitting, you might need to schedule an appointment with the shop. Installing the new auto glass necessitates a low-humidity, controlled, and debris-free environment. You simply cannot get the same in your driveway or outdoors at your home or office location.

Is Your Mobile Auto Glass Repair Legit?

When scoping out the mobile auto repair companies, always figure out if they carry the essential licensing, insurance, and bonding. It’s also important to know if their auto glass repair specialists have acquired any kind of industry-standard certifications that show their extensive training on relevant techniques.

An auto glass service provider like Best Deal Auto Glass that takes the time to assure its customers a high-quality result, with certifications and licensing, is almost always a safe bet. If you want to work with a reliable and high-quality team, we are the only way to go! Contact us today!

Based on the type of car you own, experiencing some level of road noise is quite normal. The tires of your car, frame design, and changing road conditions are the key factors that affect noise generation during driving. However, if this noise surpasses its normal levels suddenly, then it is surely a point of concern. Being associated with the auto glass repair industry, providing reliable service to hundreds and thousands of car owners, we have observed that many car owners overlook the fact that a damaged auto glass greatly contributes to the vehicle’s road noise.

This article presents some of the most common reasons behind an unusual road noise.

1. Improper Windshield Replacement

Poor replacement of your windshield or auto glass will bring bigger problems. Have you ever heard shaking or rattling near your windshield while driving over a rough road or a bump? Did you just get your windshield replacement recently? If yes, chances are that the unusual noise is coming from the improperly installed auto glass since it is also slightly loose in the frame. If you think your windshield is loose, it is recommended to get it fixed as soon as possible. A poorly installed windshield may become loose at high speeds, thereby, becoming a safety hazard for all.

2. Damaged Auto Glass Edges

If you are hearing the noise from the areas near the top outside edge of the windshield, chances are the edges of the auto glass are damaged. Air often penetrates the areas of glass damage and compromises the seal if there is any damage present near the windshield edges.

Sometimes, the chips and cracks that are present close to edges of the windshield may also tear or cut the seal that preserves the glass in place. If there is any damage spotted near the edges of your auto glass, get it fixed as soon as possible. For your protection, take your car to a reliable and professional auto glass repair service provider in Phoenix, AZ like us, at your earliest convenience. In case of minor damage where the seal is still intact, auto glass repair is a viable solution.

3. Improperly Synchronized Side Window

Often, the side windows become skewed in their tracks and this greatly hinders their ability to open or close completely. If you hear a hissing sound during driving, even though the windows seem to be completely closed, a misalignment within the track and the glass is perhaps the culprit.

Try this quick test. Try to close the window before trying to insert a tiny object between the frame and the glass.  If there’s sufficient space to crush something in between, you should go for the window re-alignment inside the track to get rid of that hissing noise.

So, we hope that you are in a better position to know the possible reasons behind the unusual sound your car produces during driving. In any case, it is advised to get your auto glass re-checked and fixed by a professional auto glass service provider. Contact us to get the best service around town.

One of the most important things you can do for your car when in the hot blazing sun in Phoenix, AZ is to make sure the windows are in tip-top shape for as long as possible. To achieve long lasting car windows, you must take care of the auto glass, which means thinking beyond just cleaning your car windows and using the right products and appropriate cleaning procedures. Car window care helps prevent damage to auto glass by minimizing the need for auto glass repair or replacement in Phoenix, AZ. However, you must know that proper care is more than simply wiping and cleaning the windows.

Here we present the top tips and tricks to take care of your car’s windows and make your auto glass last as long as possible.

1. Use the right cleaners for car windows

A high-quality glass cleanser, free from ammonia, is the best choice for your car window care. The ammonia-containing cleansing agents do clean glass, but they also damage the other parts of the car. For your ease of mind, choose the one available in sprayer form. You can make your DIY non-commercial glass cleanser as well. Just mix a cup of alcohol and vinegar (1 tablespoon) into one cup of lukewarm water. Transfer the mixture into a spray bottle and then spray away. Also, use clean clothes for cleaning and wiping the glass. It is best to use a glass-cleaning microfiber towel or cloth. Other kinds like rags, bath towels, and old shirts may scratch and stain the glass.

2. Shut doors gently

This is a little known window care tip. Slamming your car doors causes unusual vibrations to your car’s windows as well as windshields, which eventually result in chips and cracks. This may also loosen up the car windows and affect their alignment. Close the doors gently with the least amount of pressure to avoid such damages.

3. Follow a specific cleaning order

There is a process for cleaning your car windows. Begin by cleaning the driver’s side door, followed by the front passenger’s side door. Clean the back windows in the same order as well. Roll the windows down by a few inches and clean the top areas and the edges with window cleaning solution and cloth. Roll them back up once you clean them and clean the rest of the glass afterward. Don’t forget to clean the external parts of the windows too.

4. Ensure the Least Amount of Sun Exposure

It is strongly recommended to protect your windows and windshield from unnecessary exposure to heat and rays of the sun especially in the hot valley of Arizona and Phoenix. Heat damages the glass fast; hence, park your car under shade as it protects your windows and windshield from harmful UV rays. Parking your car in protected areas also protects it from other external factors like hailstorms and dust storms like haboobs.

Start following these tips and keep your car’s windows and windshield in a brand-new form for a longer period of time. Still in need of reliable auto glass repair and replacement services? Contact us to get the best service at incredibly affordable prices.