How to Identify the Best Auto Glass and Windshield Repair Service

Do you have a auto glass window or windshield that requires repair or replacement? Finding the best auto glass repair service provider can be a challenge. With many sketchy shops and sketchier so-called mobile repair businesses, it can be hard to find the service you trust. Being a reputable and leading auto glass repair and replacement service provider, we pride ourselves on providing an industry-leading service, as such, here we will share some factors about what to look for in an auto glass repair company. These traits should be kept in mind during your search for auto glass repair or replacement services.

1. Technicians Have Industry-Standard Certification

Do you know that auto glass repair and replacement technicians don’t need to hold certifications? Many technicians, thus, aren’t certified, which implies they haven’t finished an industry-standard comprehensive training program. When you search for a new auto glass repair shop, always choose the shop that has certified technicians like ours. The last thing you need is a careless repair or poor glass installation that puts you and your car at risk.

Our technicians possess the Auto Glass Safety Council and the National Glass Association certification. Our AGSC and NGA certification means you can count on us for a repair or replacement of auto glass.

2. They Take Care of your Deadline

A reputable and reliable auto glass repair service provider should do the best to meet your needs — after all, their revenue relies on their service. To help meet your schedule, a reputable company must offer mobile repairs. While this is not essentially a must-have, it can be easy if you have a crazy agenda and can’t wait for in-person at the repair shop.

If the service provider does not have mobile service, they should provide at least flexible scheduling to meet your requirements. A professional auto glass repair shop that cares about their customers do everything possible to serve them in the best way possible. Being an industry-experienced auto glass repair service provider, our key goal is to achieve customer satisfaction. To achieve this goal, we offer both a mobile repair team as well as skilled on-shop technicians.  Whenever you need us, we’ll come to you.

3. They Can Deal with Your Insurance

Everyone understands that dealing with insurance is often a major headache. When you need the auto glass repair or replacement, usually, your insurance covers the losses of the repair expense. However, trying to go through all these details on your own is tedious, even annoying. Selecting an auto glass company like us that works directly with your insurance agents can save you huge time and will help confirm that you get the coverage you deserve.

Being in the auto glass repair industry for years, we’re very familiar with the auto insurance processes and can work extensively with your insurance company. We even provide continuing education classes to their agents and staff. We’re devoted to making sure your experience with us is as smooth as possible, from your early call, right up until you drive away as a satisfied customer. Call us now for your auto glass repair and replacement needs.

When the windshield or windows in your vehicle are damaged, it can be appealing to try a do-it-yourself repair.  After all, these infomercials and online videos can make one feel it is a piece of cake, right? And if you’re on a tight budget, DIY auto glass repair can sound specifically attractive. However, when it comes to auto work (especially the auto glass repair), it’s safe to say that you get what you pay for. DIY chip and crack auto glass repair may seem easy, but the process is much more technical and delicate than you realize. In this article, our auto glass repair experts explain why you should avoid those DIY kits on the shelf and go for the professional auto glass repair, instead.

1. Low-Cost Kit means Low-Quality Repair

You can get your hands on inexpensive, low-quality do-it-yourself auto glass repair kits that any major retailer provides these days. So, they must have some merit, right? Maybe, but if these kits functioned so gosh-darned well, auto glass repair businesses would all be out of business. Repairing an auto glass or windshield is a very delicate process, requiring extensive training and knowledge. Not only that, but the supplies involved in an expert windshield repair are regulated by industry standards—not something a cheap DIY kit can afford to provide. And, if you accidentally mess something up? You’ll most likely be visiting a local shop for a full auto glass replacement. Sometimes, choosing the cheaper route ends up costing you huge when all is said and done because you might even void the warranty as well.

2. You May Extend the Damage

As you aren’t trained to do this job properly, you could easily hurt yourself or further damage the windshield. Without the specialized skills and knowledge to do the job correctly, you could fail to clean the auto glass thoroughly, put too much pressure on the glass, or use the resin incorrectly, all of which lead to a continually spreading chip or crack. And, once you’ve tried to fill in the damage with your resin products, you won’t be able to have your auto glass professionally repaired in the future. A full windshield replacement will be mandatory. Not only that, but nowadays many cars come with auto glass and windshield recalibration needs due to their highly technical uses. This not a simple DIY project and would require professional recalibration and certification pros like those at Best Deal Auto Glass.

3. You Might Lose your Insurance Coverage

Numerous insurance policies contain clauses developed to stop the vehicle owners from doing their own repairs, chiefly because a failed DIY repair usually costs more money in the end. If your auto glass or windshield has little chips or cracks, a lot of times, your insurance policy will be covering the repair. However, if you try your fix and it fails, the insurance company will end up forking over much more money for a complete replacement than they would have for a professional repair. In most of the cases, coverage for auto glass repair is void the moment you try to fix the auto glass damage yourself. At the end of it all, you will be shelling out much more cash than you expected to save.



If you live in areas like Flagstaff during the winter, or an environment where you would have surely experienced snow,  you rush out the door as fast as possible to commute to work, see a layer of ice on your windshield, look for your ice scraper, but it’s nowhere to be found! What do you do next? How will you make it to work on time? We understand this scenario is encountered by just about everyone at some point. To safely get that ice off your car’s windshield and make it to work on time, here are the best ice scraper alternatives:

1. Let Your Car Warm Up

The absolute best method of getting rid of ice from your windshield without using an ice scraper is the defrost setting. Though, if you have less time, this technique may not be your quickest bet. However, if you remember to pop outside for a minute or two while when you are getting ready, you will have an ice-free vehicle when you’re ready to head out the door!

To securely melt the ice on the vehicle’s windows, start the vehicle and turn the defroster on a low to medium setting. Avoid cranking the setting up since the swift temperature shift inside the vehicle can damage your auto glass. Allow 10-15 minutes for your windows to defrost totally, and use wipers to remove residue, if any.

2. Rubbing Water and Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol rapidly dissolves the ice accumulated on your windshield, so if you’re in a hurry, this is a safe alternative to an ice-scraper. Keep in mind, though, that rubbing alcohol does freeze when the temperatures go below 5°F, so if are faced with sub-zero temperatures, don’t use this method. Here is the step by step method:

  • Mix 2 parts rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle with one-part tap water.
  • Remove accumulated snow from your windshield before you start spraying the solution.
  • Spray the alcohol-water solution on the accumulated ice.
  • Let alcohol melt the ice fully; wait for a minute or two.
  • Use windshield wipers to remove the sludgy snow that is still present on the glass.

3. Salt & Water

This doesn’t mean sprinkling salt on your windshield and waiting for the ice to melt, but instead mixing the salt and water to get the job done fast. Keep in mind, however: Excessive salt use on your auto glass may result in damage, so use this technique only if you’re in a tight spot. Here’s the step by step process:

  • Mix 1 tbsp of salt with two cups of tap water in a spray bottle.
  • Remove accumulated snow from the windshield before start spraying the solution.
  • Spray the solution directly on the ice.
  • Wait for few minutes for the ice to start to thaw.
  • Use windshield wipers to remove the residue, if any.

One thing that you should remember is that if your auto glass currently has chips or cracks, the acid may cause more damage. Until you have the auto glass repaired, avoid using this technique. Get your auto glass repaired faster and in an affordable way. Contact us for our reliable auto glass repair and replacement services available at a few clicks.

When there is no choice other than to park your vehicle outside, you must know the ways to protect your auto glass from external factors and environmental damage. Being a reputable and experienced auto glass repair and replacement service provider, we understand that not everyone owns the luxury of parking their vehicle in reserved parking, garage, or even in a covered parking slot. But if you must park outside, there are still ways to protect your ride. The following tips will be helpful to avoid your auto glass repair or replacement needs when parking your vehicle outdoors.

1. Don’t Park Your Car in Direct Sunlight

Whenever possible, parking the car in shaded or semi-shaded areas helps protect your windshield from harmful sunlight rays.  If you have ever touched your auto glass right after it’s sat in the sun for a few hours, you will know how hot it can get. And while a hot auto glass might not be alarming, excessive heat may damage the integrity of your windshield and make it more susceptible to auto glass damage and cracks. If your auto glass already has slight chips and cracks, extreme heat may spread them rapidly. If you don’t have an option other than to park your car in direct sunlight, get our auto glass repair service to fix those chips and cracks.

2. Don’t Park Your Car Under Trees

Tree branches can be found under a few inches of snow after a night of heavy precipitation. When you park your car under those branches, the risk of damaging your auto glass increases. Unfortunately, you cannot determine when or if a branch will fall from the trunk of the tree and fall directly on the windshield, which may incur you a heavy cost for repairs. Hence, keep that in mind while parking under the tree.

If your usual parking area is faced with overhanging branches, think of trimming them back before the heavy snowfall hits. The smaller the branch, the more snow it may accumulate without getting separated from the tree.

3. Be Careful of Temperature Control Settings

It can be alluring to put your heat on high as soon as you switch on your vehicle, but please, fight the urge. When your vehicle has been sitting outdoors in cold temperatures for hours, your auto glass slightly contracts. Just like the water contracts as it forms ice, the windshield follows a similar pattern. When you directly set your defroster to high as your car warms up, you make an abrupt temperature change against the frosty glass, increasing the chances that of cracks.

Rather than instantly turning up your defroster, let the vehicle warm up before using the defroster. Even then, keep the defroster on a low to medium setting to be on the safe side.

We hope that you must have found these parking tips useful. Still in need of auto glass repair or replacement? Contact us now for a reliable and prompt service.

Seeing a broken window in your car isn’t just intimidating; it’s flat out inconvenient, frustrating, and for some people, stress-inducing. Being an experienced auto glass repair and replacement service provider, we know that handling a broken vehicle window can be puzzling and overwhelming—but don’t fear! We are sharing here what you should do to securely and calmly handle the situation. Keep this quick guide in mind should you or a loved one ever see shattered auto glass in your car.

1. Contact Police and Your Insurance Company

If you can see that someone has broken into your car, don’t touch or change anything until you call law enforcement and they’ve recorded the scene. Whether the local police would travel to the site or ask you to communicate information over the phone is based on each agency’s policies, therefore, the first call should be made to the local police station.

If you must explain the situation via telephone, don’t forget to take some photos of the site with your cell phone to give to your insurance company as proof of the incident. After you’re done with conversing with the law enforcement, contact your insurance provider for a claim filing.

2. Safely Eliminate Broken Glass

If your car is parked in a parking lot, make sure to inform someone inside the nearby building who can clean up the broken glass from the pavement. You would also need to cautiously remove any broken glass from the car’s interior surfaces so that you can securely drive home or to the auto glass repair shop. If you have the choice, your safest and best bet is to contact a reliable mobile auto glass repair company, like us, who can cater to you at the site and take care of the broken window.

Once you reach home, remove residues, if any, of the glass shards using a high-powered vacuum from the interior of the vehicle. If you are taking your car for auto glass replacement or repair, we would likely vacuum it again, so no need to worry about missing pieces here and there—if they don’t affect your safety, of course!

3. Protect Your Window Opening

If you are unable to get your auto glass repaired or replaced instantly, it is recommended to cover the window opening to shield yourself while driving. Here’s how you can do it properly:

  • Wear strong work gloves to defend your hands from glass shards
  • Gently remove any glass shards still attached to a window frame.
  • Use your vacuum cleaner to eliminate any stray glass pieces from the window frame and inside the window seal.
  • Clean the window with a damp cloth. Make sure you removed all dirt and dust, so you can firmly attach a plastic window covering using tape.
  • Then cover window from the inside, with a transparent or glowing piece of plastic. Make sure to stretch the plastic taught before locking the plastic to the window with several long pieces of masking tape. Don’t use other tape kinds since the adhesive may damage your car’s paint.
  • Add another layer of plastic to a window’s exterior, if required.

Keep in mind that using plastic to cover the window is only a short-term solution. You must never drive with plastic on the window for longer than a day or two as it’s a safety hazard and may prevent you from watching the traffic around you.

Contact us for immediate window and auto glass repair service.

Do you own a vehicle? Chances are, like most car owners, you don’t often focus on the integrity and care of your auto glass.. After all, if the glass seems intact, why should you worry about it, right?

Being a leading auto glass service provider in Phoenix, AZ, specializing in auto glass repair, replacement, and fixing, we understand that most of the drivers do everything possible to take care of their vehicles. However, too often, they overlook the things that might make the biggest impact. If you are doing any of the following things to your auto glass, think twice before doing them again. These are the things that damage your auto glass quicker than anything.

1. Cleaning your Car’s Windshield with a Household Glass Cleaner

In our previous posts, we have reminded you time and again to avoid using an ordinary glass cleaner to clean your car’s windshield. Most of the household glass cleaners are made of harsh ingredients that severely damage your auto glass as well as window seals with recurrent use.

One of the widely used window cleaner ingredients, ammonia, can worsen both your window tint and the defensive seal around the glass, so you must not use run-of-the-mill cleaning products at all. Rather, go for the specialized auto glass cleaning products, easily available at all major local auto parts dealers. Otherwise, cleaning your auto glass with a mixture of water and white vinegar also helps avoid seal weakening and a severe auto glass repair.

2. Following the Vehicles Too Closely

Do you know about the three-second rule? Most drivers know this concept, but regrettably, they don’t follow the same rules once they get behind the wheel. The three-second rule is intended to give you sufficient space to stop entirely if the driver in front of you slams his brakes, but it also helps evade the situation necessitating an auto glass repair or replacement.

When you follow vehicles too closely, you automatically increase your risk of suffering from auto glass damage as, at high speeds, vehicle tires kick up road debris. That debris may fly directly toward your windshield at the highest velocity, and based on its weight and size, it can hit and crack the glass.

On the other hand, if you have enough space between you and the vehicle ahead of you, such flying road objects have enough time to lose speed and fall toward the ground instead.

3. Setting Defrost Level Too High

When there’s snow or frost on your windshield, the glass becomes very cold. But, when you warm up the vehicle by directly cranking the defrost to high, you put the inner layer of the windshield in contact with a very sudden temperature change. If your windshield has even minor chips or cracks, the unexpected temperature change can cause those to spread. If you’re in the habit of keeping the defrost level on high, you are probably on a fast track toward an auto glass repair or a full windshield replacement.

So, avoiding these three key mistakes can help a great deal to stay away from the headache of auto glass repairs and replacement needs. If you have accidentally cracked or damaged your auto glass, contact us for prompt and high-quality auto glass repair services.

Auto glass repairs can be a real hassle, particularly if you’re always on the go and don’t have enough time to wait for hours at the auto glass and windshield repair shop.  Even when you can get a convenient mobile repair service, like what we offer at Best Deal Auto Glass, you still must save a chunk of your day to wait for auto repairs. You also must schedule a meeting with your insurance company, and perhaps even a rental car arrangement if the damage is quite severe. It makes a never-ending to-do list for you, and that is very frustrating. This article shares the key causes of auto glass damages and the ways to avoid them so you can be sure to stay out of the shop.

Reason #1: Accidents

Do you reside in an area having lots of outdoor space for children to play? Do you have kids who are into sports like soccer or baseball? Auto glass damage is often the result of hovering objects (often sports equipment and toys) colliding with windows and windshields. To avoid such accidents, make sure your vehicle is parked at a safe distance away from such outdoor and sporting areas. If you reside in a kid-friendly neighborhood, the best bet is to utilize garage parking.

Reason #2: Being Too Close

Driving too closely behind another vehicle poses a greater risk of auto glass damage since vehicle tires can simply kick up road debris. When you’re driving at high speeds, if another driver’s tire picks up a tiny rock and flings it at your windshield, there’s nothing much you can do to avoid the consequential damage. Hence, the three-second rule should be followed. When you leave three seconds, at least, between the front of your vehicle and the rear of a vehicle in front of you, you get enough time to avoid flying debris or objects. Most significantly, you have sufficient time to avoid a crash if the other driver abruptly slams on the brakes.

Reason #3: Parking Outdoors

Do you have a parking garage and you use it as storage rather than a parking area? Whether you’re enforced to park outdoors or do it since your garage is full of items, you put your auto glass at a substantial risk of damage by not parking inside a garage. This is because your vehicle is faced with the following:

  • Sunlight

Heat causes the external edges of your windshield to expand at a quicker rate than the inner area of the glass. If the heat is intense, the glass might even crack. To avoid the auto glass repair or replacement, it is advised to park your vehicle in the shaded areas.

  • Falling debris

Branches, leaves, dust, sticks, and other environmental debris can easily fall on auto glass if you park your car under trees. While parking under the tree’s shade is a smart idea, it is better to park under a covered structure, like a vehicle tent, parking garage, or carport to avoid auto glass damage.

  • Hail

Storm conditions may wreak chaos on your auto glass, so if the weather report forecasts hail, park your vehicle under a covered spot.

  • Temperature changes

High-temperature shifts let your auto glass expand and contract fast. Just like ice cubes crack upon exposure to room-temperature water, the auto glass reacts in the same manner. If you park your vehicle outdoors in freezing weather conditions, don’t forget to warm your vehicle up gradually to avoid cracks and auto glass repair.

To get the best auto glass repair and replacement services, contact us now.

If your auto glass has just incurred damage in the form of a crack or splinter, you might be wondering how much it is going to cost you to get the repair completed. Can a quick repair resolve it without having to replace the whole windshield? Or do you need a more expensive auto glass replacement in which the entire windshield is replaced? The only way to deal with these questions is by doing an in-person assessment of the damage. There are certain situations when repairs are just out of the question based on an analysis of the damage.

In this post, we will share useful details that give you a better idea of whether to go for an auto glass repair or replacement. These are the factors to consider when determining whether to replace or repair my auto glass and/or windshield.

Factors to Consider for Auto Glass Repairs

If you have damaged auto glass, the determination of whether you can go for a quick repair is based on three factors:

  1. Size
  2. Location
  3. Depth of the Damage

These factors usually only apply to windshield damage since windshields are made of laminated glass.

If there is damage to the rear window or passenger windows, you’ll almost always require an auto glass replacement as those windows do not have the same additional layers of protective lamination that the windshield features.

When Should You Go for Auto Glass Repair?

Below are the few situations when auto glass repair is the solution to fix the damage instead of an auto glass replacement. However, this is not at all a definitive list. The only true way to make this determination is to take your vehicle to a reliable auto glass company like Best Deal Auto Glass for an accurate evaluation and estimate. Repairs might work when:

  • The glass has a chip lesser than the size of a quarter
  • There is a crack lesser than three inches long.
  • The damage has not infused both layers of the glass (windshields cases).
  • The damage does not spread across the outer edge of the glass (windshields cases).

It’s also important to keep in mind that windshield and other types of auto glass repair have come a long way in current years. In certain cases, repairs can now work even for more extensive damage.

When Should You Go for Auto Glass Replacement?

When your auto glass has severe damage (crushed glass for instance), you’ll surely require an auto glass replacement. Beyond the apparent situations, though, auto glass replacement is also essential when:

  • Your rear windshield is damaged
  • Your side windows have got cracks or chips
  • Cracks are more than a few inches.
  • Your auto glass has to pit.
  • The damage affects the structural integrity of the glass.

In case of replacement, it is advised to consult with a reputable and experienced auto glass company for your windshield replacement services. If your insurance policy covers your auto glass coverage, your agent may also give you additional details and be able to provide cash back incentives.

For the best and prompt auto repair and replacement services, contact Best Deal Auto Glass today!

Keeping your auto glass and windshield clean is vital for your safety. You must ensure that you have a clear view of the road while driving to avoid any distractions or accidents. This is possible if you keep your auto glass clean and take the right steps to clean your auto glass.

Here we present some of the most common mistakes most people make while cleaning their auto glass that should be avoided.

Do Not Clean the Glass When It is Dry

Wiping glass with a cloth when the glass is dry is a disaster. You cannot see the tiny dust particles accumulated on dry glass and they leave scratches on the glass surface upon cleaning. With time, these scratches deteriorate the glass and make it susceptible to further damage like cracking or splintering. When cleaning, always use a damp or wet cloth soaked in an ammonia-free glass cleaning solution.

Avoid Regular Soap

Your auto glass has a special coating on the surface. Do to this coating, using regular soap can significantly damage that coating. Always check the cleaners to ensure they have the right formula for cleaning the auto glass and to avoid further damage to your windshield or windows. Using high-quality glass cleaners keeps your glass in the appropriate shape for years to come.

Avoid Dry Cloths and Paper Towels

Rough surfaces on dry cloths and paper towels can make scratches on the surface of the glass even when these items are wet. Tissues have lotions and can leave fibers and lint on the glass as well. A dry cloth also makes scratches. So, always use microfiber towels or clothes for cleaning your auto glass and windshield.

Use an Auto Glass Cleaner

An ordinary household glass cleaner doesn’t have the right formula for cleaning auto glass. Tint in auto glass breaks down with time due to ammonia that regular household glass cleaners contain. Ammonia is a strong cleaner that damages anything it comes into contact with. Regular household glass cleaners also lead to streaking on the auto glass. Auto glass cleaners are free from ammonia and have the correct formulation to break down insect remains and road grime.

Fogged Windows Are Not Essentially Dirty

It is not wise to wipe down your fogged windows. Rather, use the defroster/defogger function in the car in order to clear up the window. When you wipe the fogged windows or windshield, you oftentimes do not use the right cleaning cloth. Even using your hands for this purpose can leave oils on the auto glass and this makes for a much bigger mess. You can damage or scratch your windows by using improper cleaning methods.

Avoiding Common Cleaning Mistakes Will Preserve your Auto Glass Value

To keep your auto glass performing well, you must avoid these mistakes when cleaning your glass. By not cleaning the glass when it is dry, you can avoid scratching or damaging it.  Don’t use paper products, household soap, and cleaners to further protect your glass from scratches.

By using a cleaner specifically formulated for auto glass care, you are optimally cleaning your auto glass. Avoid touching your windows when fogged and let the defroster/defogger do its job. All these tips will help you protect your auto glass and know the common mistakes to avoid when cleaning auto glass.

In this article we will answer one of the most frequently asked questions by drivers in regards to auto glass and windshield repairs and replacements. Is there any difference between a mobile auto glass repair and an in-house auto glass repair in terms of service?

Well, when you’re always on the go, convenience is one of the priorities when looking for auto glass repair services. After all, a busy person doesn’t have the time to sit in a auto glass repair center and wait around for hours for their repair or replacement to be completed.  Being an experienced and reliable auto glass service provider, Best Deal Auto Glass knows that your life is busy, but we also know that it’s unsafe to keep driving with damaged auto glass windshields. That’s why the mobile auto glass repair services are there to make your life easier.

If you’ve thought of hiring a mobile auto glass repair team but have doubts about the quality of the service, this article will present you with some helpful details when making your decision. Below, we have discussed what you can expect from a mobile auto glass repair and then you can easily determine if this service fulfills your needs.

The Services Offered by a Mobile Auto Glass Repair Team

Usually, if a business offers both mobile and in-house auto glass repair, the services provided should be comparatively the same. That said, some businesses prefer to do auto glass replacements (new installations) in-house because the atmosphere is more controlled. If you just want to have a minor rock chip repair, you will easily find a service provider that will come visit you at your location and do the repair on site.

When Should You Consider a Mobile Auto Glass Repair?

In most of the cases, mobile auto glass repair is a nice and convenient choice if your windshield or other windows get minor to moderate damage. If, though, you’re faced with more extensive cracking or pitting, you might need to schedule an appointment with the shop. Installing the new auto glass necessitates a low-humidity, controlled, and debris-free environment. You simply cannot get the same in your driveway or outdoors at your home or office location.

Is Your Mobile Auto Glass Repair Legit?

When scoping out the mobile auto repair companies, always figure out if they carry the essential licensing, insurance, and bonding. It’s also important to know if their auto glass repair specialists have acquired any kind of industry-standard certifications that show their extensive training on relevant techniques.

An auto glass service provider like Best Deal Auto Glass that takes the time to assure its customers a high-quality result, with certifications and licensing, is almost always a safe bet. If you want to work with a reliable and high-quality team, we are the only way to go! Contact us today!