Top 3 Things That Damage Your Auto Glass In No Time – How to Avoid Them

Do you own a vehicle? Chances are, like most car owners, you don’t often focus on the integrity and care of your auto glass.. After all, if the glass seems intact, why should you worry about it, right?

Being a leading auto glass service provider in Phoenix, AZ, specializing in auto glass repair, replacement, and fixing, we understand that most of the drivers do everything possible to take care of their vehicles. However, too often, they overlook the things that might make the biggest impact. If you are doing any of the following things to your auto glass, think twice before doing them again. These are the things that damage your auto glass quicker than anything.

1. Cleaning your Car’s Windshield with a Household Glass Cleaner

In our previous posts, we have reminded you time and again to avoid using an ordinary glass cleaner to clean your car’s windshield. Most of the household glass cleaners are made of harsh ingredients that severely damage your auto glass as well as window seals with recurrent use.

One of the widely used window cleaner ingredients, ammonia, can worsen both your window tint and the defensive seal around the glass, so you must not use run-of-the-mill cleaning products at all. Rather, go for the specialized auto glass cleaning products, easily available at all major local auto parts dealers. Otherwise, cleaning your auto glass with a mixture of water and white vinegar also helps avoid seal weakening and a severe auto glass repair.

2. Following the Vehicles Too Closely

Do you know about the three-second rule? Most drivers know this concept, but regrettably, they don’t follow the same rules once they get behind the wheel. The three-second rule is intended to give you sufficient space to stop entirely if the driver in front of you slams his brakes, but it also helps evade the situation necessitating an auto glass repair or replacement.

When you follow vehicles too closely, you automatically increase your risk of suffering from auto glass damage as, at high speeds, vehicle tires kick up road debris. That debris may fly directly toward your windshield at the highest velocity, and based on its weight and size, it can hit and crack the glass.

On the other hand, if you have enough space between you and the vehicle ahead of you, such flying road objects have enough time to lose speed and fall toward the ground instead.

3. Setting Defrost Level Too High

When there’s snow or frost on your windshield, the glass becomes very cold. But, when you warm up the vehicle by directly cranking the defrost to high, you put the inner layer of the windshield in contact with a very sudden temperature change. If your windshield has even minor chips or cracks, the unexpected temperature change can cause those to spread. If you’re in the habit of keeping the defrost level on high, you are probably on a fast track toward an auto glass repair or a full windshield replacement.

So, avoiding these three key mistakes can help a great deal to stay away from the headache of auto glass repairs and replacement needs. If you have accidentally cracked or damaged your auto glass, contact us for prompt and high-quality auto glass repair services.