How to Identify the Best Auto Glass and Windshield Repair Service

Do you have a auto glass window or windshield that requires repair or replacement? Finding the best auto glass repair service provider can be a challenge. With many sketchy shops and sketchier so-called mobile repair businesses, it can be hard to find the service you trust. Being a reputable and leading auto glass repair and replacement service provider, we pride ourselves on providing an industry-leading service, as such, here we will share some factors about what to look for in an auto glass repair company. These traits should be kept in mind during your search for auto glass repair or replacement services.

1. Technicians Have Industry-Standard Certification

Do you know that auto glass repair and replacement technicians don’t need to hold certifications? Many technicians, thus, aren’t certified, which implies they haven’t finished an industry-standard comprehensive training program. When you search for a new auto glass repair shop, always choose the shop that has certified technicians like ours. The last thing you need is a careless repair or poor glass installation that puts you and your car at risk.

Our technicians possess the Auto Glass Safety Council and the National Glass Association certification. Our AGSC and NGA certification means you can count on us for a repair or replacement of auto glass.

2. They Take Care of your Deadline

A reputable and reliable auto glass repair service provider should do the best to meet your needs — after all, their revenue relies on their service. To help meet your schedule, a reputable company must offer mobile repairs. While this is not essentially a must-have, it can be easy if you have a crazy agenda and can’t wait for in-person at the repair shop.

If the service provider does not have mobile service, they should provide at least flexible scheduling to meet your requirements. A professional auto glass repair shop that cares about their customers do everything possible to serve them in the best way possible. Being an industry-experienced auto glass repair service provider, our key goal is to achieve customer satisfaction. To achieve this goal, we offer both a mobile repair team as well as skilled on-shop technicians.  Whenever you need us, we’ll come to you.

3. They Can Deal with Your Insurance

Everyone understands that dealing with insurance is often a major headache. When you need the auto glass repair or replacement, usually, your insurance covers the losses of the repair expense. However, trying to go through all these details on your own is tedious, even annoying. Selecting an auto glass company like us that works directly with your insurance agents can save you huge time and will help confirm that you get the coverage you deserve.

Being in the auto glass repair industry for years, we’re very familiar with the auto insurance processes and can work extensively with your insurance company. We even provide continuing education classes to their agents and staff. We’re devoted to making sure your experience with us is as smooth as possible, from your early call, right up until you drive away as a satisfied customer. Call us now for your auto glass repair and replacement needs.