How to Clean Your Auto Glass and Mistakes to Avoid

Keeping your auto glass and windshield clean is vital for your safety. You must ensure that you have a clear view of the road while driving to avoid any distractions or accidents. This is possible if you keep your auto glass clean and take the right steps to clean your auto glass.

Here we present some of the most common mistakes most people make while cleaning their auto glass that should be avoided.

Do Not Clean the Glass When It is Dry

Wiping glass with a cloth when the glass is dry is a disaster. You cannot see the tiny dust particles accumulated on dry glass and they leave scratches on the glass surface upon cleaning. With time, these scratches deteriorate the glass and make it susceptible to further damage like cracking or splintering. When cleaning, always use a damp or wet cloth soaked in an ammonia-free glass cleaning solution.

Avoid Regular Soap

Your auto glass has a special coating on the surface. Do to this coating, using regular soap can significantly damage that coating. Always check the cleaners to ensure they have the right formula for cleaning the auto glass and to avoid further damage to your windshield or windows. Using high-quality glass cleaners keeps your glass in the appropriate shape for years to come.

Avoid Dry Cloths and Paper Towels

Rough surfaces on dry cloths and paper towels can make scratches on the surface of the glass even when these items are wet. Tissues have lotions and can leave fibers and lint on the glass as well. A dry cloth also makes scratches. So, always use microfiber towels or clothes for cleaning your auto glass and windshield.

Use an Auto Glass Cleaner

An ordinary household glass cleaner doesn’t have the right formula for cleaning auto glass. Tint in auto glass breaks down with time due to ammonia that regular household glass cleaners contain. Ammonia is a strong cleaner that damages anything it comes into contact with. Regular household glass cleaners also lead to streaking on the auto glass. Auto glass cleaners are free from ammonia and have the correct formulation to break down insect remains and road grime.

Fogged Windows Are Not Essentially Dirty

It is not wise to wipe down your fogged windows. Rather, use the defroster/defogger function in the car in order to clear up the window. When you wipe the fogged windows or windshield, you oftentimes do not use the right cleaning cloth. Even using your hands for this purpose can leave oils on the auto glass and this makes for a much bigger mess. You can damage or scratch your windows by using improper cleaning methods.

Avoiding Common Cleaning Mistakes Will Preserve your Auto Glass Value

To keep your auto glass performing well, you must avoid these mistakes when cleaning your glass. By not cleaning the glass when it is dry, you can avoid scratching or damaging it.  Don’t use paper products, household soap, and cleaners to further protect your glass from scratches.

By using a cleaner specifically formulated for auto glass care, you are optimally cleaning your auto glass. Avoid touching your windows when fogged and let the defroster/defogger do its job. All these tips will help you protect your auto glass and know the common mistakes to avoid when cleaning auto glass.