Key Causes of Auto Glass Damage & Ways to Avoid Them

Auto glass repairs can be a real hassle, particularly if you’re always on the go and don’t have enough time to wait for hours at the auto glass and windshield repair shop.  Even when you can get a convenient mobile repair service, like what we offer at Best Deal Auto Glass, you still must save a chunk of your day to wait for auto repairs. You also must schedule a meeting with your insurance company, and perhaps even a rental car arrangement if the damage is quite severe. It makes a never-ending to-do list for you, and that is very frustrating. This article shares the key causes of auto glass damages and the ways to avoid them so you can be sure to stay out of the shop.

Reason #1: Accidents

Do you reside in an area having lots of outdoor space for children to play? Do you have kids who are into sports like soccer or baseball? Auto glass damage is often the result of hovering objects (often sports equipment and toys) colliding with windows and windshields. To avoid such accidents, make sure your vehicle is parked at a safe distance away from such outdoor and sporting areas. If you reside in a kid-friendly neighborhood, the best bet is to utilize garage parking.

Reason #2: Being Too Close

Driving too closely behind another vehicle poses a greater risk of auto glass damage since vehicle tires can simply kick up road debris. When you’re driving at high speeds, if another driver’s tire picks up a tiny rock and flings it at your windshield, there’s nothing much you can do to avoid the consequential damage. Hence, the three-second rule should be followed. When you leave three seconds, at least, between the front of your vehicle and the rear of a vehicle in front of you, you get enough time to avoid flying debris or objects. Most significantly, you have sufficient time to avoid a crash if the other driver abruptly slams on the brakes.

Reason #3: Parking Outdoors

Do you have a parking garage and you use it as storage rather than a parking area? Whether you’re enforced to park outdoors or do it since your garage is full of items, you put your auto glass at a substantial risk of damage by not parking inside a garage. This is because your vehicle is faced with the following:

  • Sunlight

Heat causes the external edges of your windshield to expand at a quicker rate than the inner area of the glass. If the heat is intense, the glass might even crack. To avoid the auto glass repair or replacement, it is advised to park your vehicle in the shaded areas.

  • Falling debris

Branches, leaves, dust, sticks, and other environmental debris can easily fall on auto glass if you park your car under trees. While parking under the tree’s shade is a smart idea, it is better to park under a covered structure, like a vehicle tent, parking garage, or carport to avoid auto glass damage.

  • Hail

Storm conditions may wreak chaos on your auto glass, so if the weather report forecasts hail, park your vehicle under a covered spot.

  • Temperature changes

High-temperature shifts let your auto glass expand and contract fast. Just like ice cubes crack upon exposure to room-temperature water, the auto glass reacts in the same manner. If you park your vehicle outdoors in freezing weather conditions, don’t forget to warm your vehicle up gradually to avoid cracks and auto glass repair.

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