How Damaged Auto Glass Causes Unusual Road Noise

Based on the type of car you own, experiencing some level of road noise is quite normal. The tires of your car, frame design, and changing road conditions are the key factors that affect noise generation during driving. However, if this noise surpasses its normal levels suddenly, then it is surely a point of concern. Being associated with the auto glass repair industry, providing reliable service to hundreds and thousands of car owners, we have observed that many car owners overlook the fact that a damaged auto glass greatly contributes to the vehicle’s road noise.

This article presents some of the most common reasons behind an unusual road noise.

1. Improper Windshield Replacement

Poor replacement of your windshield or auto glass will bring bigger problems. Have you ever heard shaking or rattling near your windshield while driving over a rough road or a bump? Did you just get your windshield replacement recently? If yes, chances are that the unusual noise is coming from the improperly installed auto glass since it is also slightly loose in the frame. If you think your windshield is loose, it is recommended to get it fixed as soon as possible. A poorly installed windshield may become loose at high speeds, thereby, becoming a safety hazard for all.

2. Damaged Auto Glass Edges

If you are hearing the noise from the areas near the top outside edge of the windshield, chances are the edges of the auto glass are damaged. Air often penetrates the areas of glass damage and compromises the seal if there is any damage present near the windshield edges.

Sometimes, the chips and cracks that are present close to edges of the windshield may also tear or cut the seal that preserves the glass in place. If there is any damage spotted near the edges of your auto glass, get it fixed as soon as possible. For your protection, take your car to a reliable and professional auto glass repair service provider in Phoenix, AZ like us, at your earliest convenience. In case of minor damage where the seal is still intact, auto glass repair is a viable solution.

3. Improperly Synchronized Side Window

Often, the side windows become skewed in their tracks and this greatly hinders their ability to open or close completely. If you hear a hissing sound during driving, even though the windows seem to be completely closed, a misalignment within the track and the glass is perhaps the culprit.

Try this quick test. Try to close the window before trying to insert a tiny object between the frame and the glass.  If there’s sufficient space to crush something in between, you should go for the window re-alignment inside the track to get rid of that hissing noise.

So, we hope that you are in a better position to know the possible reasons behind the unusual sound your car produces during driving. In any case, it is advised to get your auto glass re-checked and fixed by a professional auto glass service provider. Contact us to get the best service around town.