Top Tips and Tricks to Take Care of your Car’s Windows

One of the most important things you can do for your car when in the hot blazing sun in Phoenix, AZ is to make sure the windows are in tip-top shape for as long as possible. To achieve long lasting car windows, you must take care of the auto glass, which means thinking beyond just cleaning your car windows and using the right products and appropriate cleaning procedures. Car window care helps prevent damage to auto glass by minimizing the need for auto glass repair or replacement in Phoenix, AZ. However, you must know that proper care is more than simply wiping and cleaning the windows.

Here we present the top tips and tricks to take care of your car’s windows and make your auto glass last as long as possible.

1. Use the right cleaners for car windows

A high-quality glass cleanser, free from ammonia, is the best choice for your car window care. The ammonia-containing cleansing agents do clean glass, but they also damage the other parts of the car. For your ease of mind, choose the one available in sprayer form. You can make your DIY non-commercial glass cleanser as well. Just mix a cup of alcohol and vinegar (1 tablespoon) into one cup of lukewarm water. Transfer the mixture into a spray bottle and then spray away. Also, use clean clothes for cleaning and wiping the glass. It is best to use a glass-cleaning microfiber towel or cloth. Other kinds like rags, bath towels, and old shirts may scratch and stain the glass.

2. Shut doors gently

This is a little known window care tip. Slamming your car doors causes unusual vibrations to your car’s windows as well as windshields, which eventually result in chips and cracks. This may also loosen up the car windows and affect their alignment. Close the doors gently with the least amount of pressure to avoid such damages.

3. Follow a specific cleaning order

There is a process for cleaning your car windows. Begin by cleaning the driver’s side door, followed by the front passenger’s side door. Clean the back windows in the same order as well. Roll the windows down by a few inches and clean the top areas and the edges with window cleaning solution and cloth. Roll them back up once you clean them and clean the rest of the glass afterward. Don’t forget to clean the external parts of the windows too.

4. Ensure the Least Amount of Sun Exposure

It is strongly recommended to protect your windows and windshield from unnecessary exposure to heat and rays of the sun especially in the hot valley of Arizona and Phoenix. Heat damages the glass fast; hence, park your car under shade as it protects your windows and windshield from harmful UV rays. Parking your car in protected areas also protects it from other external factors like hailstorms and dust storms like haboobs.

Start following these tips and keep your car’s windows and windshield in a brand-new form for a longer period of time. Still in need of reliable auto glass repair and replacement services? Contact us to get the best service at incredibly affordable prices.